Second Grade

The Everyday Mathematics series is a rich and varied interactive program which includes these main features:

  • A problem-solving approach based on everyday situations
  • Frequent practice of basic skills
  • An instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly
  • A curriculum that explores mathematical content beyond basic arithmetic

Our literacy block includes many aspects of:

  • Reading (guided, shared, and independent reading, phonics, vocabulary, work attack and comprehension strategies)
  • Writing (Being A Writer Program)
  • Spelling 
  • Grammar and Usage: (DOL and writing related mini-lessons)
  • Vocabulary (Steck-Vaughn Program: increasing and enriching vocabulary through literature)
  • Making Meaning for reading comprehension 

The FOSS science program includes a variety of engaging experiences where students learn science concepts through active inquiry and investigation.  Our main units of study are:

  • Insects
  • Balance and Motion
  • Air and Weather 

Our social studies curriculum incorporates topics from our textbook People Together and Scholastic News magazine including:

  • Family Ties (family trees and traditions, communities, transportation)
  • A World of Countries (map skills, landforms, continents, and oceans)
  • A Working World (wants and needs, products and services)
  • Discovering Our Past (explorers, first settlements and colonies, slavery, famous Americans)
  • Celebrations (national holidays, holiday celebrations around the world)