High School Resources

  • short document to reflect who in the child's life demonstrates certain SEL competancies and then writing/talking probes to link that to own self-competency
    Visuals, worksheets, apps. Australian.
    Videos geared specifically for students with ADHD with tips on self-care, mindfulness, and coping skills
    Social Career Path
    Designed for today’s modern student, Teen Career Path leverages technology and game play to help students achieve better outcomes in their college and career decisions.
    Mindfulness breathing exercises
    Mindfulness audio downloads for guided meditation
    worksheets, interactive guides, videos etc on SEL topics and Mindfulness. Resources are broken up into categories based on age and topic.
    Links to resources, guided meditations
    Mindfulness activities with instructions
    Stress reduction, inlcuding mindfulness-activities, lesson plans, videos
    This is a Beathing exercise I learned however this blog gives very detailed in structions on how to do it and how it helps
    Relaxing and serene app helps incorporate peace into daily life
    Meditation, from short, simple mindfulness activities to longer, guided meditation