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    Tuesday, November 19, 2019


    • 11/8-1/19(Webb) A message from the Dean’s Office-Hoods, hats and do- rags are not allowed in school and this is a non- negotiable. ID’s must be worn at all times and this is also a non-negotiable. The Jesse White Tumblers will be at Elgin High School on November 20. There will be an assembly in the fieldhouse for students who have 90% or above attendance. Students who have below 90% attendance will be expected to attend an assembly in the auditorium led by Mr. Jones. Look for other details in your email. A Winter formal is planned in January and the basketball season will start shortly. Stay off LOP by coming to school every day.


    • 11/15-11/20(Druger) Western Illinois University & Columbia College will be in the commons November 20th. If you need a pass see Ms. Saldua in the guidance office.


    • 11/18-11/19(Tomaso) "Attention Seniors! Do you still need some help with FAFSA? Do you need to submit college applications?  Have no fear!  ISAC rep, Erica is here TODAY in the back of the library periods 1-8.  Don't delay any further with the FAFSA because money will run out!!  Also, are you undocumented or have DACA status?  Are you looking for ways to help finance college?  See ISAC Rep, Erica Vivaldo in the back of the library as well.  She has some good options for financial help! Also, a bonus!  Paola Chavez from UIC will be in the back of the library on 11/19 to help students with UIC application next steps periods 1-8!" 


    • 11/18-11/19(Bailey) Radio Club News! Ana Pascual has won 1st Place in the On-Air Radio Show/Interview/Talk Show/or Podcast category from the Terri Hemmert High School Student Radio/Audio Competition! A ceremony honoring the winners of the High School Radio Awards competition will take place this Saturday at the 17th Annual Columbia College Chicago High School and College Media Conference co-sponsored by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System.  Please take a moment to congratulate Ana Pascual on her outstanding accomplishment.


    • 11/19-11/20(Kolanko) The EHS Gay-Straight Alliance will be meeting on Wednesday, November 20, at 3pm in room 125. See Mr. Kolanko or Ms. Mallen with questions.


    And as always, remember to wear your ID’s and-

    Earn and give respect

    Hold yourself responsible

    Saftey first

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  • Application for Free & Reduced Lunch 


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  • Preschool Registration for The Preschool Connection

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  • U-46 Curriculum Guide

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  • Student Expectations for Chromebook Use

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  • 2019 Yearbooks are in! 

    Contact the Treasurer's Office for details.

    To order your 2020 Yearbook click here for more information!

    A friendly reminder about our school procedures regarding safety and security. We are asking that no outside food be brought into the school before school or during lunch periods. We want to ensure all food follows the federal nutritional guidelines. This will also mean that students will be prohibited from placing food delivery orders during school hours. In addition, as a safety measure, EHS operates as a closed campus learning environment so we ask that students eat in our cafeteria and are therefore prohibited from leaving school, returning with outside food. Lastly, as a friendly reminder, students are required to display their IDs around their necks throughout the entire day.  Parents, please join us as we embark on our Attendance Campaign and new motto,

    “Every day, Every class, Every period.”  




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