Our Goal

    Provide supports for 9th grade students to stay on-track.


    Freshman on-track

    "On-track" means you are performing in a way that will allow you to graduate within four years. 



    • Students who pass all their classes 9th grade are very likely to graduate HS (especially those who get A's and B's). 

    • Those who fail one or two classes are at risk of never graduating.

    • 9th grade performance is a better predictor of who eventually will graduate from HS than 8th grade test scores, or any other background.

    • Drops in GPA (related to performance) is a predictor of HS graduation and college graduation. 

    • B average as a GPA will have a 50% chance of earning a 4 year degree. 



    • 9th grade is not more difficult. It just requires more academic effort.


    Academic Effort Means:

    • Attending Classes

    • Paying Attention in Classes

    • Participating in Class

    • Completing Homework

    • Seeking Help When Needed

    • Studying

    • Less adult monitoring at school makes it possible for students to reduce effort. 


    Teacher Academic Support:

    • Clear Explanations

    • Regular Updates on Progress

    • Help with specific academic problems