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    Elgin High School offers a robust athletic program that offers students an opportunity to improve their skills in team work, leadership, and handling success and setbacks. Students involved in extra-curricular activities such as athletics demonstrate higher attendance patterns, fewer disciplinary referrals, and higher GPAs. We highly encourage all students to take advantage of our athletic opportunities.


    Pass is good for admission to all home athletic events and more.  Cost is only $40.  Call the Treasurer at ext. 5103 for more information and to purchase the pass.

    Athletic Director: Paul Pennington paulpennington@u-46.org ext.5346

    Assistant Athletic Director: Kari Foerster karifoerster@u-46.org ext.8131

    Assistant Athletic Director: Peg Corcoran pegcorcoran@u-46.org  ext. 8174

    Athletic Secretary: Elsie Garcia elsiegarcia@u-46.org ext.5125