Middle School and High School “A/B” Schedule and Calendar

  • School District U-46 is applying what we are calling an “A/B” schedule to our middle and high school day calendar during Distance Learning. The purpose of the A/B schedule during Distance Learning is to alternate the class periods that are taught live with a teacher for “synchronous instruction” and the classes that are “asynchronous,” meaning students will work on specified coursework, but not attend a live online course with their teacher. This type of schedule allows for students to have live, synchronous instruction for 4 periods per day (about 2.5 hours), while also allowing for breaks during asynchronous periods (about 2.5 hours).

    Students can complete coursework, collaborate with peers, andstill meet one-on-one with teachers during these asynchronous instruction periods, but they will not be attending live two-way online courses during those periods. 

    In the context of Distance Learning, this means that during an “A” day, periods 1, 2, 5, 6 will be synchronous while during a “B” day periods 3,4, 7, and 8 are synchronous. 

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