Transportation Safety During COVID-19

  • We are very happy to be transporting many of our students as they return for in-person instruction in January. Please know that the safety of our students is our number one priority.  We ask that you follow the below guidelines in order to keep our students and other staff members safe and healthy. We ask that you remain adaptable these next weeks and months.  Guidelines and policies are subject to change within the district, county and state, in order to better serve you and your student during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please do not hesitate to contact our main dispatch line at 847-888-5095 with any additional questions or concerns.


    In following U-46 District guidelines, staff and students will need to confirm they are free of symptoms associated with COVID-19 before they arrive at a U-46 facility or school site, or board a school bus.  Every staff member and student must complete our self-certification process as has been shared since November by clicking here.                                                                        

    Face Coverings 

    Masks and face coverings are required to be worn by all staff, students, and parents/guardians that are waiting at the bus stops and on all students and staff riding our buses. Masks need to be worn properly; over the mouth, nose, and chin. A mask can be a homemade face covering, or disposable face covering.  The bus driver will have additional masks on the bus to accommodate students and staff.    

    Social Distancing

    Social distancing of at least six (6) feet should be maintained by staff, students, and parents/guardians while waiting at the bus stop.

    Staff, students, parents/guardians should stand a minimum of 12 feet from the roadway while waiting for the bus.  This is the national standard for any conditionsWe will be seating one student per seat, unless students live in the same household, which then means they can sit together.  Students and/or staff will have assigned seats.  The seating assignments must remain the same to and from the destination for consistency purposes.  Our District and county contact tracing teams will refer to these seating charts if positive COVID-19 cases are confirmed so it’s important that they are used. 

    We will also be loading and unloading the students in a manner that will limit the amount of passing within the bus to limit possible time in another person’s personal space. This means that we will be loading the bus from back to front and unloading the bus front to back in a slower manner to accommodate the recommended social distancing between passengers.  The only exception to this is loading order is for kindergarten students.  All kindergartener students will be seated in the front of the bus in order to ensure they are met at the bus stop by the authorized  individual(s) as indicated on their kindergarten tag.  If however, there is a sibling/student living in the same household also riding the bus, the sibling/student may sit in the front of the bus in the same seat as the kindergarten student.

    Hand Hygiene

    There will be a bottle of hand sanitizer on every bus to help stop the spread of germs.  This bottle will be kept with the driver at all times.

    Please remember the simple practice of hand washing is still the best way to prevent the spread of disease.  

    Bus Cleaning

    We will be thoroughly cleaning our buses at least twice a day.  Additionally, our fleet of buses will undergo a touchpoint disinfection with electrostatic misters every Saturday.

    The bus driver will be supplied with a canister of wipes to allow for touch-point cleaning, when time permits, and a spray bottle of disinfectant and paper towels to utilize when completing a more detailed cleaning. 

    Transportation has developed standards of cleaning and disinfecting on the school buses and we also have procedures developed for cleaning upon confirmation of exposure to an infectious disease.