• As School District U-46 starts to transition to offering in-person instruction in January 2020, Infinite Campus will be an important way school administrators can communicate with parents and guardians.

    Parents can access the Infinte Campus parent portal from the U-46 home page at www.u-46.org.  If you don’t know your username or password, you can use the self-service password reset function. These tips and resouces are written specifically for elementary families but the steps apply to parents of students at all grade levels.

    Infinite Campus portal













    After signing into the IC parent portal, you can select your student from a dropdown list of all students in the household in the upper-right corner. (If there is only one student, Infinite Campus will take a parent directly to information for that student.)

    Drop Down menu









    After selecting a student, the first tab shown will be “Today."  From here, parents will see whether their student is assigned to Distance Learning or one of our Hybrid Learning groups.

    Today Menu







    Next, you should check the “Schedule” tab to see if your student will be assigned to a new teacher as part of the transition.  In the example below, the parent sees a drop date for the current homeroom assignment and a start date for the new homeroom assignment. The date is shown as 1/10 to ensure that rosters are updated in Canvas prior to new classes starting on Monday, Jan. 11.







    Finally, parents can also confirm transportation information for their student by clicking “More” and then “Transportation."














Last Modified on December 15, 2020