• Updated Grading Practices - 2020-21 School Year 

    In order to be responsive to the varying needs of our students during this pandemic, our U-46 secondary team has updated our grading practices, allowing students additional opportunities to demonstrate evidence of proficiency on learning standards. To learn more, please continue to read the explanation located here. 

    Students in full-year courses during the 2020-21 school year in which most of the same learning standards are assessed throughout both semesters will now have an opportunity during the second semester to improve their grade as assigned for the first semester. This means that if a student passes the course with an A, B, C, or D at the end of second semester, their first semester grade for that course will be updated to list that same second semester grade. The list of those courses for middle and high school students are linked below. 

  • Middle School Courses 

    AVID 7

    AVID 8

    English Language Arts - Challenge

    English Language Arts - Gifted

    English Lanugage Arts - gen ed

    ESL 1

    ESL 2

    ESL 3

    ESL 4

    ESL 5

    Span Lang Arts

    Span Lang Arts- Gifted

    Social Studies - DL


    Algebra - ESL

    PE 7th Grade Only

    Social Studies - Gifted

    Social Studies - Gifted DL

    Social Studies - Trans

    Social Studies - Gen Ed

    Spanish 1A (can include 1st year 8th graders)

    Spanish 1B

    Spanish Heritage 1 (can include 1st year 8th graders)

    Spanish Heritage 2


  • High School Courses 

    AP Eng Language & Comp

    AP English Lit & Comp

    English LA 1

    English LA 2

    English LA 3

    English LA 4

    English LA American Studies

    Honors English LA 1

    Honors English LA 2

    Honors Span Language Arts 1

    Hon Spanish Language Arts II

    ESL Level 1-10

    ESL Level 1-11

    ESL Level 1-12

    ESL Level 1-9

    ESL Level 2-10

    ESL Level 2-11

    ESL Level 2-12

    ESL Level 2-9

    ESL Level 3-10

    ESL Level 3-11

    ESL Level 3-12

    ESL Level 3-9

    ESL Level 4-10

    ESL Level 4-11

    ESL Level 4-12

    ESL Level 4-9

    ESL Level 5-10

    ESL Level 5-11

    ESL Level 5-12

    ESL Level 5-9

    Algebra​ ​1

    Algebra 1 DL

    Algebra 1 Trans

    AP Calculus AB

    AP Calculus BC

    AP Statistics

    AP Computer Science A

    AP Computer Science Principles

    Intro to Leadership in PE

    Advanced Leadership in PE

    Strength & Perform A/C Sem 1 (Recursive only if enrolled in S&P or FF for second semester)

    Team Sport Off & Coach A/C Sem 1 (Recursive ONLY if enrolled in Team for second semester)

    Walking for Wellness A/C Sem 1 (Recursive ONLY if enrolled in Walking for second semester)

    Functional Fitness A/C Sem 1 (Recursive only if enrolled in FF or S&P for second semester only)

    AP Biology

    AP Chemistry

    AP Env. Science

    AP Physics 1

    AP Physics C

    AP European History

    AP Human Geography

    AP Psychology

    AP Psychology DL

    AP United States History

    AP World History: Modern

    Intro to Law 1 (Law I and Law II have same standards. Either could serve as recursive course for the other.)

    Intro to Law 1 Trans (Law I and Law II have same standards. Either could serve as recursive course for the other.)

    Intro to Law 2 (Law I and Law II have same standards. Either could serve as recursive course for the other.)

    Intro to Law 2 Trans (Law I and Law II have same standards. Either could serve as recursive course for the other.)

    U.S. History-American Studies

    United States History

    United States History DL

    United States History Trans

    World Geography

    World Geography DL

    World Geography Trans

    World History

    World History DL

    World History Trans

    2D Art 2

    2D Art 2 DL

    3D Art 2

    Adv. Studio Art 2D Design

    Adv. Studio Art 2D Draw & Paint

    Adv. Studio Art 3D Design

    Digital Art 2

    Photography 2

    AVID 1

    AVID 2

    AVID 3

    AVID 4


    College Accounting

    Cooperative Internship

    Cooperative Internship (Job)

    Advanced Theatre Production

    Adv. Childhood Education

    Advanced Culinary Arts


  • High School Courses (Continued) 

    Childhood Education

    Culinary Arts

    Culinary Arts & Restaurant

    Education Intern (2 hr.)

    Fashion/Apparel Construction

    Intro To Culinary Arts

    Chamber Choir (L 4)

    Chamber Orchestra (Level 5)

    Concert Band (L 4)

    Concert Choir Mixed (Level 2/3)

    Concert Orchestra (L 4)

    Symphonic Band (Level 5)

    Symphony Orchestra (L 6)

    Wind Ensemble (Level 6)

    Adv. Precision Manufacturing

    Advanced Auto Tech (2hrs)

    Auto  Service (2 hrs)

    Automotive Technology

    Civil Engineering &

    Computer Integrated

    Engineering Design &

    Into to Engineer Design PLTW

    PLTW Civil Engineering & Arch

    PLTW Computer Integrated

    PLTW Intro To Engineer Design,

    PLTW Principles of Engineering

    Precision Manufacturing

    Production Technology

    Welding Fundamentals

    Welding Technology I  (2 HR)

    Welding Technology II

    AP Spanish Language

    AP Spanish Literature

    French 1

    French 2

    German 1

    German 2

    Honors French 3

    Honors German 3

    Honors German 4

    Honors Span Heritage 3

    Honors Spanish 3

    Honors Spanish 4

    Span Heritage Speakers 1

    Span Heritage Speakers 2

    Spanish 1

    Spanish 2

    Academy Honors Art 1

    Academy Honors Art 2

    Academy Honors Art 3

    Academy Honors Art 4

    Academy Honors Dance 1

    Academy Honors Dance 2

    Academy Honors Dance 3

    Academy Honors Dance 4

    Academy Honors Drama 1

    Academy Honors Drama 2

    Academy Honors Drama 3

    Academy Honors Drama 4

    Academy Honors English 1

    Academy Honors English 2

    Academy Honors Global Stdies

    Academy Honors Instr 1

    Academy Honors Instr 2

    Academy Honors Instr 3

    Academy Honors Instr 4

    Academy Honors Japanese 1

    Academy Honors Japanese 2

    Academy Honors Japanese 3

    Academy Honors Mandarin 1

    Academy Honors Mandarin 2

    Academy Honors Mandarin 3

    Academy Honors Spanish 1

    Academy Honors Spanish 2

    Academy Honors Spanish 3

    Academy Honors Vocal 1

    Academy Honors Vocal 2

    Academy Honors Vocal 3

    Academy Honors Vocal 4

    Adv. Media & Digital Arts Prod

    AP Chinese Language

    AP Japanese Language

    AP Research

    AP Seminar

    Media & Digital Arts Production

    Media and Digital Arts

    Media and Digital Arts Tech 2

    PLTW Digital Electronics

    PLTW Eng Design & Dev

    PLTW Intro Engineering Design

    PLTW Principles Of Eng

    Global Studies 2