Back to School in U-46 Overview

  • Back to School in U-46


    A team of about 100 administrators, teachers, teaching assistants, community leaders, including Board of Education President Sue Kerr, has worked collaboratively since early July to develop the District’s teaching and learning plan for the 2020-21 school year.  This large group is made up of subcommittees focused on specific grade bands and programs. The committees continue to meet regularly, in the evenings and on weekends, through Fall 2020 to work on the best implementation of each instructional approach for this school year. 

    In late July, after a thorough study of state and federal health and education guidance, and surveys of our staff and families, School District U-46 announced all students would begin the 2020-21 school year remotely. A July 27th Board of Education resolution approved the reopening plans for grades Pre-K through 12 and administration continues to give updates to our Board of Education during each regularly scheduled meeting.  

     Timeline of Decisions and Communication 

    Monday, August 24: District re-opened for teaching and learning, implementing our Distance Learning Program for our K-12th grade students before launching similar programming for our preschoolers a week later, on August 31.

    September 23rd: Questionnaire sent to parents asking if they want their students to remain in full-time Distance Learning Program this school year or participate in our Hybrid Model, a combination of Distance Learning and limited in-person instruction, when it becomes available by grade level. All  middle and high school students will continue with Distance Learning through the second quarter which ends January 15, 2021. 

    October 13: Communication to Pre-K-2 Families about the Pre-K-2 Learning Models available by Oct. 26.

    October 15-Oct. 22: District and site-based communication to Pre-K-2 Families about safety measures, transportation, school meals and snacks, dismissal and arrival, school procedures and more. 

    Oct. 22: Student-Teacher assignments to be shared with families. 



Back to School Glossary

  • Canvas - The U-46 Learning Management System where teachers will be posting and organizing information for their courses. Teachers can post videos, course content, and lessons, and students can access and submit their curriculum assignments. Click here for helpful tutorials on navigating Canvas.

    Zoom - The live, online video software that teachers will use for synchronous instruction with their students. The Zoom app has been installed on all U-46 issued Chromebooks, making it easy for students to open meeting links sent by their teacher(s). 

    Asynchronous instruction - this term refers to teaching and learning that does not occur in the same place or at the same time. Students during these periods might watch a recorded instructional session and complete exercises or may follow written instructions to complete independent learning activities without live interactive instruction. Students may also be able to check in with teachers during “asynchronous instruction” periods. 

    Synchronous instruction - live simultaneous instruction held at a specified time through Zoom. . The teacher and students will engage in live conversation, and activities as a whole group or in small groups. This time might be used for quizzes, testing, student presentations, and discussions. 

    Infinite Campus - Our online student information system houses registration,  attendance, and performance-level data. Teachers may email their students via Infinite Campus. If you need help finding a username and password, click here.