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A Message from the CEO: Historic Milestones for U-46

Historic Elgin Collage

April 11, 2019

These photos make up a panoramic view of Elgin looking across the Fox River to the west (you can see the train tracks and Highland overpass that still stand today).  You can see the Chicago Street bridge, though it was only for horse and carriage, and pedestrians, at the time.  This photo was taken in 1866.  Three years later, in 1869, the first Elgin High School would be established.

At the time, families who could afford to send their sons to school would send them to a private academy.  The “free” school was for the daughters (at first).  The first graduating class:  Miss Helen C. Kimball, Miss Euphemia A. Martin, and Miss Julia DuBois.

The history of U-46 is amazing and it will be on display in these coming weeks, including the 150th anniversary of Elgin High, the 90th anniversary of Bartlett Elementary, and the 50th for Channing Memorial Elementary.

Tomorrow night, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on April 12, you can help celebrate Bartlett Elementary at the school, 111 E. North Ave. in Bartlett, with a Spring Fling.

Elgin High will celebrate #150 this Saturday, April 13, at both the “old” Elgin High (well, actually the one built in 1911) at 355 E. Chicago Street, as well as the “new” Elgin High located at 1200 Maroon Drive.  Schools are open for visits beginning at noon, and the free program begins at 1:45 p.m. at the new school.  You can read more about the celebration here. If you intend to attend, please sign up on the Google Form

On Saturday, April 27, Channing Memorial Elementary School is participating in the third annual Open Elgin event that celebrates the architecture and history of “The City in the Suburbs.”

I hope you will participate as we celebrate these historic milestones of U-46.