• Washington School wants YOU to stand up to bullying!!


    Washington School is dedicated and committed to providing students with a safe, caring, and supportive school environment. Reporting bullying behavior is the first step toward making our school a safe place. 

    The first step in reporting bullying is to notify your child's teacher if it is caused by another student in the class. 

    The second step in reporting bullying is to notify the school Principal.  These two steps can usually bring about an end to the bullying.  

    A third way is to complete an online bully report is provided by our district (see below for the link).


    Anyone can fill out this report; whether you are a victim or a bystander.  Just remember to please describe the bullying incident in detail including who, what,and where the bullying has occurred. The district will follow up with our school so necessary action can be taken. 

    This form can be filled out anonomously, or you can provide your name in order to receive feedback.


    Thank you for taking responsibility for keeping our school safe. 

    Washington Staff is here to support YOU and anyone who is being bullied. 

    We want you to remember,

    you are braver than you believe,

    stronger than you seem,

    and smarter than you think. 


     Bullying Reporting and Resources