• Staff Members

    Lynee Ackert - 7th grade

    Katherine de Swardt - 7th grade Visit My Website

    Arturo Escamilla - 8th grade

    Erin Kolak - 8th grade


    Curriculum Focus

    7th grade; The focus for the 7th grade curriculum is for students to gain a greater understanding of world geography and the cultures around the world.  During their 7th grade school year students learn about the 5 themes of geography, the 8 elements of culture and many regions of the world.


    8th grade; The focus of the 8th grade curriculum is for students to learn more about the history of the United States from exploration until the U.S. Civil War.  Students will also learn about the US Constitution and the three branches of government.  During their 8th grade year, students will also take the US Constitution test.