Central SWEP: Integrating Work, Class and Community

  • Address:

    Central SWEP

    355 East Chicago St.

    Elgin, IL 60120

    Phone Number:

    (847) 888-5000 ext. 5343 or 4247


    Central SWEP focuses on providing instruction to high school age students who are between 14 and 21 years old. Students typically are mildly to moderately disabled.

    Program Description

    SWEP (Secondary Work Experience Program) follows a functional curriculum desgined to support students as they develop self-determination skills and independent living skills. Our goal is to help each student to participate as independently as possible in his or her own community.

    SWEP includes our training site, called The Diner. Students at SWEP have the opportunity to receive training on-campus through various positions in The Diner. These training sites assist in the transition to employment in the community.

    Central SWEP blends work, classroom activities and community instruction to create the framework of the program. Embedded in all three major areas is the concept of self-advocacy. The following is more detailed information for each framework.


    • The Diner
    • SKill and interest assessment
    • Job search and interview skills
    • Maintaining employment


    • Functional curriculum
    • Money management
    • Personal management
    • Personal safety


    • Identify community resources
    • Accessing transportation options
    • Linkages to community supports
    • Social/safety skill development