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U-46 Student Musicians to be Honored

Feb. 24, 2020

Nine U-46 high school students will be recognized by the Board of Education Monday with an “Accent on Achievement” for their outstanding achievements as musicians, including a student who was named the best high school clarinet player in the state of Illinois.

Students participated in the Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) competitive audition process to be named All-State Musicians, the highest musical achievement for high schoolers in Illinois. Selected students performed at the ILMEA’s annual music education conference Jan. 29 through Feb. 1 in Peoria.

“Our dedicated music teachers offer students a strong musical education in U-46,” said Jaimie Giraldo, U-46 Coordinator of Fine Arts. “Opportunities like the ILMEA allow students to perform and practice their artistry surrounded by gifted musicians from across the state.”

Last year, U-46 was one of 13 districts in the State of Illinois to earn the Best Communities for Music Education designation from The NAMM Foundation. Learn more about the District’s outstanding commitment to music education in a video here.

Six of the seven U-46 performing students were placed into the Honors ensembles. Larkin High School's Ethan Montgomery won the clarinet audition and sat as the principal clarinet in the Honors Band.

The Board of Education will recognize the following students with “Accent on Achievement” certificates at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 24 in room 140 at the Educational Services Center. The U-46 Board of Education meetings are always open to the public and they stream live on YouTube.

South Elgin High School 

  • Jacob Pangilinan, sophomore, All-State Chorus - Bass I
  • David Galanes, senior, All-State Honors Orchestra - Oboe

Larkin High School

  • Ethan Montgomery, junior, All-State Honors Band - Clarinet (First Chair)
  • Elianna Nielsen, senior, All-State Honors Orchestra - Viola
  • Miguel Rodriguez, junior, All-State Honors Band - Flute

Bartlett High School

  • Gauri Yadav, junior, All-State Honors Chorus - Alto II
  • Ryan Blake, senior, All-State Honors Band - Euphonium 
  • Tommy Arms, senior - Future Music Educators Symposium 
  • Mikayla Chin, junior - Future Music Educators Symposium

Nearly two dozen other U-46 students were selected to participate in the ILMEA District IX honors festival, which U-46 participates in annually. Students from around the suburban area audition before a panel of professional musicians and are selected based on their ranking among their peers.

The U-46 students selected for the ILMEA District IX honors festival are:

From Bartlett High School: Senior Chloe Fox (chorus - soprano I), junior Kara Fox (chorus - soprano I), senior Daniel Hernandez (chorus - tenor I), junior Nick Raymundo (chorus - tenor II), and junior Ziona Tharakan (chorus - alto I), senior Thomas Arms (band - trumpet), senior Lawrence Yap (chorus - tenor II)

From Larkin High School: Senior Cassie Valdes (chorus - alto II), junior Tyler Hopkins (band - alto sax), sophomore Jackson Baker (jazz band I - trumpet), and junior Ben Dobbeck (jazz band II - trombone), senior Mirando Preuss (orchestra - viola), junior Kyle Saengdara (orchestra - harp)

From Elgin High School: Senior Isabella Hernandez (chorus - alto I), senior Annabelle Mique (chorus - alto II), senior Gian Tupaz (chorus - bass I), sophomore Shaun Tupaz (chorus - bass I), and freshman Stephanie Skrabacz (band - clarinet), junior Salvador Salud (orchestra - viola)

From South Elgin High School: Senior Alexandra Wesner (chorus - alto II), junior Chanel Antoshin (orchestra - flute), and junior Caden Grogan (band - tenor sax)

From Streamwood High School: Junior Joshua Lindahl (chorus - bass I) and senior Zoe Becker (band - horn)

Eleven middle school students were also selected to perform in District IX ensembles. They are:

From Kimball Middle School: 8th grader Sandar Perez (orchestra - violin II) and 8th grader Brandon Biddle (band - trumpet II)

From Abbott Middle School: 7th grader Jenna Mack (band - flute II) From Eastview Middle School: 8th grader Aanya Navsariwala (orchestra - violin II), 8th grader Maison Preuss (orchestra - violin I) and 8th grader Victoria Nalepka (orchestra - violin II)

From Canton Middle School: 8th grader James Chung (orchestra - cello) From Larsen Middle School: 7th grader Landon Kim (orchestra - violin II)

From Kenyon Woods Middle School: 8th grader Victoria Vo (orchestra - violin II) and 8th grader Emma Greenberg (band - clarinet II)

From Tefft Middle School: 8th grader Kiera Moore (band - bass clarinet)