• Speech & Debate | Overview

    This course is comprised of 2, 1 semester courses.

    This course is meant to build on the skills learned in the 7th grade Speech/Debate class. Students will continue to strengthen their public speaking skills in a supportive setting and will be challenged to practice presenting to a variety of live audiences. In addition to public speaking, additional performance opportunities may be provided. Students will analyze the role of communication in our lives, the communication models, spatial relationships, delivery styles, and the effectiveness of language, gestures, organization techniques and the use of technology to enhance one's public message.

    This course is recommended for the student who has studied and practiced basic presentation and research skills in 7th grade Debate, and to build on more advanced debate and group discussion skills. These skills include advanced public speaking and research. Students develop critical thinking and analytical skills along with logic and impromptu speaking techniques. Students will engage in class discussion, group work, research, practice with various individual and group presentation and debate formats/styles, note-taking, peer critiques, and development of visuals.