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    What is AVID?

    AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and takes the place of the exploratory rotation.  It prepares students with academic potential, for success in advanced high school classes and in college.

    AVID uses trained tutors twice a week to conduct study seminars with the goal of supporting students with accelerated coursework.

    The AVID Student

    • Is academically “in the middle”
    • Has good attendance and school behavior
    • Wants to attend college
    • Enrolls in rigorous college preparatory classes (Challenge/AP/Honors)
    • Maintains at least a “C” average
    • Takes notes, maintains an organized binder
    • Participates in weekly tutorials during class time

    Benefits of AVID

    1. Increases opportunity to enroll and succeed in Honors/AP level coursework in high school
    2. Provides strategies to help raise test performances in classes and for the PSAE/ACT/SAT
    3. Helps students with organizational and note-taking skills
    4. FREE tutoring during Avid class

    A Typical AVID Week

    • Mon & Wed Avid curriculum – strategy work to be used in all classes
    • Tues & Thurs - tutoring sessions in specific content areas
    • Fridays - Career and college readiness activities

    Learning Strategies

    • Writing to Learn
    • Reading to Learn
    • Notetaking
      • Cornell Notes, Focused Note taking, Web, Map, 2 Column Notes
      • Should be taking these notes in all classes 
    • WICOR
      • Writing
      • Inquiry
      • Collaboration
      • Organization
      • Reading

    AVID Binder

    • Teaches and reinforces organizational skills
    • Evidence of class notes from all classes
    • Checked weekly in AVID class

    College Exploration

    • College preparatory high school schedule
    • Speakers
    • College Visits
    • Information on college applications & financial aid

    AVID Students are more likely...

    • to enroll in AP classes and Honors classes
    • to complete a college-readiness curriculum
    • to be accepted by a 4-year college and stay in college

    For more info, contact Lisa Murray or Marc Spacone.

  • Sample 7th Grade Schedule

    • 1st Per:  Reading or Spanish
    • 2nd Per: English
    • 3rd Per:  PE
    • 4th Per:  Lunch
    • 5th Per:  Exploratory/Elective*
    • 6th Per:  Math
    • 7th Per:  Science
    • 8th Per:  History

    Exploratory Period Options [Electives]*

    Band   - full year
    Orchestra   - full year
    Chorus  - full year
    Rotation- 4 classes (1 quarter of year for each class)
       > Art
       > Family & Consumer Science(Cooking)
       > Computer
       > Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
       > Avid  - full year

    AVID Elective Class

    1. A full year elective credit class
    2. Focus on Writing, Inquiry, Organization, Collaboration, Reading
    3. College exploration
    4. Enhances students success in  all other classes

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