About Our PTO

  • We are a 501c3 organization

    As of January 2016, Timber Trails PTO is a recognized 501c3 Charity.

    President Tami Galos    
    Vice President  Maria Djurdjec



    Bill Kindelin

    Secretary  Anami Karim Bilingual
     Veronica Gomez

    PTO Mission Statement

    The Timber Trails PTO is committed that our parents, students, teachers and staff have a positive and successful experience at Timber Trails. Our mission is to support the school by: 

    1. Fostering good communication
    2. Creating/maintaining a strong feeling of community
    3. Reaching out to local businesses to support our financial and community goals
    4. Providing supplemental educational materials to teachers and students
    5. Providing volunteer opportunities
    6. Sponsoring fitness minded activities/events 

    To achieve these goals, our promise is to: 

    • Partner with principal, teachers and staff
    • Provide various community events designed to bring parents together with other parents and parents together with teachers
    • Thoughtfully consider and fund valuable causes for our students, teachers and staff
    • Employ various fundraising events throughout the school year that provide value to our families (i.e., holiday store, flower sale, pizza sale, dine for dollars)
    • Call for volunteers throughout the year to give everyone a chance to help our school
    • Include at least 1-2 activity based events to promote healthy lifestyles

    PTO By-laws/Budget


    The By-laws of Timber Trails PTO are available for review HERE, as adopted at a General Meeting on September 2, 2015.

    PTO Ongoing/Annual Contributions

    Our PTO has consistently provided the following on an ongoing or annual basis:


    • Fund/book school assemblies
    • Purchase books for our book room, school library & classrooms
    • Fully fund or substantially supplement costs for field trips for grades 4-6
    • Support 5th Grade D.A.R.E. program
    • Maintain school website
    • Provide the Teacher Fund: additional monies for each teacher to purchase supplemental classroom resources
    • Produce school wide community events, including dances, Back to School Picnic, Holiday Shop, Movie Nights, Restaurant Nights, and more.
    • Generate a sense of community among our Timber Trails families (including alumni) and staff
    • Create/provide yearbooks
    • Support phy ed teacher on Field Day with popsicles and volunteers.

    PTO Accomplishments

    From 2004 to present, the PTO has provided our school with many valuable resources that enhance our students' school experiences, including:

    • Purchased 2nd portable AED device for offsite events/activities
    • Purchased all SmartBoards or equivalent devices in every classroom
    • Purchased school marquee sign
    • Purchased school P.A. system
    • Purchased school landscaping
    • Purchased school playground
    • Purchased rugs for Kindergarten classrooms
    • Funded outdoor classroom
    • Created book share library/ program
    • Purchased bookshelves for the library



  • PTO Teacher Fund Reimbursement

    Our PTO sponsors a Teacher Fund where teachers are allotted money per classroom to spend on supplies. Each teacher is responsible for shopping for their items and submitting their receipts to the PTO for reimbursement. 

    1. Fill out the online form below and upload scans of your receipts OR use the downloadable form and fill it out/attach receipts and put in the Green PTO Folder in the copy room.
    2. Treasurer will write a check for your reimbursement after it is reviewed by PTO Board during the monthly meeting. 

    Please remember that anything you purchase with PTO funds is property of Timber Trails and the funds need to be utilized within the current school year.  Money in the fund cannot be rolled over. 


    online form     download form

    PTO General Fund Request + Reimbursement

    Our PTO is happy to help where we can. If you need funds beyond the PTO Teacher Fund, just submit a Funds Request form and once approved and items have been purchased, submit your receipts to the PTO for reimbursement. 

    1. Fill out the fund request form below and upload scans of your quotes if amount exceeds $500 OR use the downloadable form and fill it out/attach quotes (if required) and put in the Green PTO Folder in the copy room.
    2. Your request will be reviewed by PTO Board during the monthly meeting the first week of each month, approved by the principal and you will be contacted.
    3. Once approved and purchase(s) made, submit the PTO reimbursement form

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