Parent Resources

  • U-46 strives to promote academic success for all of our more than 22,000 elementary students at our 40 elementary schools.  We believe that parent engagement at every grade level is critical to students' academic success.  Here are some helpful tips to help your elementary student excel in school. 

    • Read to your child and continue to challenge them to improve their reading skills.
    • Create a welcoming learning environment in the home for your child to do homework.
    • Visit your child's school, meet your child’s teachers and principal and attend Parent Teacher Conferences.
    • Familiarize yourself with what your student is learning.
    • Visit the U-46 Curriculum & Instruction webpage to understand the curriculum and learning standards implemented in U-46 classrooms.
    • Visit the U-46 Assessment webpage to learn what tests your students are taking and an explanation of assessment used in U-46.
    • Teach your children about appropriate social behavior at school. U-46 uses PBIS to promote positive behavior and an effective learning environment.
    • Learn more about our safe school practices. U-46 places school safety among its highest priorities.  

    For more resources, visit the U-46 Parents Website.