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    Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations of Student Teachers


    The basic role of the student teacher is to demonstrate ability in classroom teaching under the direction of the cooperating teacher and the guidance of the university/college supervisor. This role requires contributing constructively to the school and enhancing the continuing growth and development of students. Student teaching must be completed at the grade levels and the areas of specialization for which the student teacher wishes to receive certification from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). The length of experience is determined by each college or university; dates are agreed upon between the School District and university/college.


    The student teacher will:

    • Take on the cooperating teacher's class load as well as assist with other duties carried out during regular school hours (lunchroom duty, hallway/bus supervision, etc.)in accordance with their university/college;
    • Assume the responsibilities of the cooperating teacher including but not limited to record-keeping, planning, instruction, assessment, displays, and day-to-day classroom management;
    • Become acquainted with the roles of personnel within the school affecting the classroom and the school decision-making process;
    • Attend school events, parent-teacher conferences, faculty meetings, and workshops as approved by the cooperating teacher, building administrator, and university/college and;
    • Use sound judgment and demonstrate professionalism. 

    Because student teachers are not certified, they cannot be used as a substitute teacher. Although student teachers are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities in which the cooperating teacher is involved, these extracurricular activities are optional.

    Student teachers are expected to be at school every day school is in session. Any exceptions should be worked out with the university/college supervisor and cooperating teacher. Student teachers, follow the school calendar of the District U-46 and are entitled to all holidays and vacations which occur during student teaching. If a student teacher needs to miss a day because of illness or an emergency, he or she should contact the cooperating teacher and university/college supervisor as soon as possible. In accordance with university/college guidelines, the supervisor will decide if this time needs to be made up.

    Student teachers are expected to maintain a professional attitude in regards to all activities undertaken during their placement Particular care should be taken with the rights of privacy of children and parents. In the event a student teacher is unsure of proper procedures to be followed in a given situation, he or she should first consult with the cooperating teacher. If the cooperating teachers is unavailable, the student should consult with appropriate administrative personnel.

    Student teachers should always strive to make a positive impression on colleagues and work collaboratively with, administrators, students, and parents. In general, student teachers should wear attire that presents them as professionals. A good rule of thumb to follow is to wear clothes considered "business casual".

    A student teacher, who demonstrates unethical or unprofessional behavior or fails to meet the pre-established requirements, can be terminated from his/her placement by the cooperating school or university. A representative from the cooperating school and the college/university will make this decision. 

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