• On January 11th, 2021, we launched our revised daily schedule to reflect schedules for students who are remaining in distance learning, students in hybrid Group A (Tuesday/Wednesday in-person), and students in Hybrid Group B (Thursday/Friday in-person).  All schedules are designed in alignment with the 2020-2021 U-46 Elementary School Schedule structure, which is outlined in detail on the U-46 website: https://www.u-46.org/Page/16833


    In our revised schedule, all students have Art, Music, and PE classes at the same time each week.  Classes will alternate weekly between synchronous and asynchronous classes, as outlined on the Week 1 and Week 2 schdedules below.

    Creekside Specials Schedule - Week 1

    We will follow the week 1 Schedule on the following weeks:

    February 1st-5th, February 15th-19th, March 1st-5th,  March 15th-19th, April 5th-9th, April 19th-23rd, May 3rd-7th, and May 17th-21st


    Creekside Specials Schedule - Week 2

    We will follow the week 2 schedule during the following weeks:

    February 8th-12th, February 22nd-26th, March 8th-12th, March 22nd-26th, April 12th-16th, April 26th-30th, May 10th-14th, and May 24th-28th