About Us

  • heritage school.jpg HERITAGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

    Principal: Catherine Fletcher
    Assistant Principal: Dr. Angel Brooks 
    Building Secretary: Tanya Meza
    Home School Liaison: Rosa Trujilio


    Heritage Elementary School serves over 400 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Our staff works as cohesive teams referred to as Professional Learning Communities (PLC). The collaborative nature of these teams allows them to plan and implement instruction that meets the needs of every child within the grade level. Our PLC teams are well equipped to challenge students who are ready to move forward as well as provide additional support for students who need further assistance. This model is known as the MTSS-WIN block and it occurs in both reading and math on a daily basis.

    Heritage Elementary School offers a variety of educational opportunities and support programs for students. Our district’s core curriculum has been designed to meet the Illinois Learning Standards with a heavy emphasis on higher-level thinking skills. Our full continuum of special services allows special needs students to be serviced within the walls of Heritage Elementary School. We are proud to be a Dual Language School servicing native Spanish-speaking students as well as native English-speaking students committed to becoming biliterate learners. Our most important job is to provide the best possible education for our students.

    • We offer a balanced literacy program and encourage student growth in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
    • Our Eureka Math program builds on fundamental mathematical concepts to help students solve problems and become mathematically literate.
    • Our staff has been trained and utilizes Quantum Learning techniques. This training has allowed us to keep our students highly engaged during instruction while ensuring instructional practices meet the needs of every child.
    • We are moving towards inquiry-based learning. We have visited several schools with our School Leadership Team and are in the process of implementing the beginning steps during the 2020-2021 school year. We feel engagement is key to each of our student’s growth and proficiency.
    • We make it a priority to ensure students master the Illinois Learning Standards. Common assessments are given and the data is analyzed to determine the needs of our students. PLC teams use this data to structure daily blocks of time to accelerate learning in both literacy and math for all children. This time ensures our students will receive targeted instruction to meet individual learning needs.
    • We utilize a wide range of technological resources with all students. The tools employed allow us to enhance the curriculum being taught to increase student engagement.

    In addition to the excellent educational environment, the following clubs and activities are also available at Heritage: GEMS Club, S.T.E.M. Club, CODING Club, Book Clubs, Cooking Clubs, Office Helpers and Patrols, Art Club and we are constantly soliciting student input into what they are interested in learning more about in our world!

     Childcare is available before and after school at Heritage through a partnership with the Right At School Program.  For more information about this program, please contact the at (855) AT-SCHOOL.

    Heritage Elementary School staff and community members take pride in working together to meet the needs of all children. We are able to accomplish this with a dedicated parent community and staff.

    Mascot: American Eagle
    Colors: Green and White