Student Drop Off & Pick Up at Ridge Circle

    Most students at Ridge Circle walk to school or get dropped off by their parents/guardians. When dropping your child off for school in the morning or after school, it is important to use the "turn around" in the back of the building. The turn around is located at the back entrance off Streamwood Boulevard. Buses use Ridge Circle Street to drop off and pick up students before and after school. It is very important that parents do not park or wait for their child on Ridge Circle Street. Please help us be a good neighbor by keeping Ridge Circle Street clear as possible of parked/waiting cars. We appreciate your help with this in advance! 

    Busing Information

    The Transportation Department is responsible for transporting nearly 27,000 children each day to 57 school buildings and programs serving 11 communities encompassing three counties, logging about 4.5 million miles a year. It takes 283 bus routes to ensure that all U-46 students arrive to school safely and on time each day. Tiered morning start  times have improved efficiency and reduced costs. The District owns 351 buses and ranks, in terms of size, in the top five percent of pupil transportation programs in the United States.  Numbers aside, we understand that we are transporting the world's most precious cargo.  The safety and security of your child is our priority.

    Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions to view responses to common questions.  

    To retrieve your child's busing information, sign in to your Parent Portal.

    If you need additional information, please call the Transportation office at (847) 888-5095.  

    For more information about District U-46 transportation, visit District U-46 Transportation.



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