• Attendance

    When students are absent...
    • Call the attendance line to report the student name, teacher and reason for the absence.
      • 847-888-7045, Option 1
    • Please inform the office in advance whenever possible for doctor, dental, early dismissal, late arrivals, family emergency, etc.
    • Please note that students who arrive more than 15 minutes late must be signed into school at the office by the person who brought them to school. Tardiness of more than 15 minutes is considered a half day absent.
    • The attendance office will call you if the reason for the absence is not known by 9:30 a.m.



    When students are changing their dismissal routine...

    • Notify the office and the teacher via note or e-mail (the teacher, mariaziemba46.org and cherylarneson@u-46.org) explaining the change.
    • Notification is required in advance of dismissal change.
    • If they are going to a different person's home, both families need to write a note. Only students who have a bus route assigned to them are eligible to ride the bus.
    • Students leaving early must be signed-out in the office. Early release of more than 15 minutes is considered a half day absence. 



    When sending money (check or cash) to the school...

    • Put it in a SEALED envelope or bag marked with the student's name, teacher's name, date and reason for the money. There is a lot of money that comes to school from over 450 children for various reasons—lunch money, book orders, field trips, fundraising, PTO events, etc. We want to ensure the money gets to the proper place as quickly as possible.


    Changes in Information

    When there are changes in e-mails, phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc. ... 
    • Contact the school office and the corrections will be made in the student system.


    Student Phone Use 

    In an effort to maximize the educational time and make our students more responsible, phone calls home will be limited to emergencies only. Students will not be able to leave class to call home for forgotten permission slips, lunches, homework, etc. Prior to this rule, there was a dramatic increase in the amount of children leaving class to call home for these items. Not only is the child missing out on his/her curriculum but many times a parent is not home when the call is placed. When the parent notices the caller ID later in the day and contacts the school, the secretaries are then interrupting the class to ask the teacher who made the phone call. By continuing to allow students to use the phone any time they want, we are not encouraging them to be organized and responsible. If a student forgets his/her lunch, the lunch staff will offer that child a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk. If you notice that your child forgot his/her lunch, please feel free to bring it to the school office and we will make sure it is delivered to the lunch room. Children will continue to be able to use the phone if they forget glasses, have an accident and need dry clothes, and have medical emergencies.
    Discipline Policy

    The Clinton School staff has high expectations of how students will behave both in school and at related activities. These expectations are also enforced on the way to and from school. We believe that all students have the right to feel safe; therefore, a complete hands-off policy is enforced. Students also have the right to a dignified school day free of teasing and name calling. Discipline is handled differently by individual teachers, all of whom have a specific behavior policy. Referrals to the principal will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If at any time you would like to discuss your child’s behavior, feel free to call Mr. Oliver at (847) 888-7045.


     One Way Traffic Reminder 

    Traffic on Mill Street should be one way before and after school. All traffic should be westbound. For after school pickup, please line up along East Avenue until the buses have cleared. When lining up, please remember to respect the people that live along this street and their property! We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Thank you!!!



    The Illinois legislators have enacted Public Act 94-0994 entitled “Sex Offender Registration Act Notification to Parents.” This legislation requires that principals and or teachers of public or private elementary or secondary schools notify parents that information about sex offenders is available to the public.

    If you would like to learn more about this topic, please contact your local police department in the county in which you reside, or you may go to the State of Illinois web address at www.illinois.gov and look up Public Act 094-0994. In addition, the Illinois State Police maintain a sex offender database available through the Internet at www.isp.state.il.us/sor