About Us

  • Hanover

    We are a welcoming school in Streamwood.  We are excited to have a diverse group of 350 students. We once housed the district's New Comers Program and now are one of the many Dual Language schools.  We also have Individualized Learning Program classrooms and aim to mainstream the students to help the growth of both ILP and general education students.  We provide various before and after-school programs, including child care.  Our teachers participate in different Professional Learning Communities to further their education and to help broaden their understanding of what is best practice.  Our staff is dedicated to the students and the development of the school as a whole.  Sixty-three percent of our staff have at least one Master's Degree, and we have an eighty-five percent staff retention rate.  Once a wildcat, always a wildcat!  Our school staff understands that the community around us is an important part of students' development as citizens.  Therefore, we have a partnership with Hanover Township, the Streamwood Police Department, Streamwood Fire Department, and Poplar Creek Library.  We also participate in different community fundraisers throughout the year, including Wounded Warrior Project, animal shelters, local crisis centers, and more.  We have a strong focus on the SEL needs of our students because academic success for all starts with all feeling welcomed and ready to learn.    


    6 South Bartlett Road
    Streamwood, IL 60107
    Phone: (630) 213-5560
    Fax: (630) 213-6133

    Attendance: (630) 213-5560 

    Principal: Sandra Flor Vazquez
    Email: sandraflorvazquez@u-46.org

    Assistant Principal: Janice Quartman
    Email: jnicequartman@u-46.org 

    PTA President: Angela Rojas
    Email: hcpta.president@gmail.com 

    Grades: K-6
    School Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 
    Mascot: Wildcats
    School Colors: Royal Blue and Orange


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