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  • Health Guidelines for School Attendance

    There are two important things to consider when making the decision to keep your child home from school: your child's susceptiblity to other infections, and the possibility that she/he may spread the illness to others.

    • Oral temperature of 100 degress or above is suffient to keep a child home. He/she must be fever free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school.
    • If your child vomits or has two or more episodes of loose stool, he/she should remain at home and remain at home for at least 24 hours free of vomiting or diarrhea before returning to school.
    • A student should not be in school with Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), but may return to school after 24 hours of treatment with anitibiotics and if drainage is no longer present.




    Head lice do not pose a public health threat and they do not spread any diseases. Because research has shown that mass screening is not effective, the Nurse will no longer screen entire classrooms. The best prevention is for you to examine your student's hair on a regular basis and to remind them not to share combs, hats, scrunchies, barrettes, etc. If you notice they are scratching their heads, please look for the cause. If they have lice, please treat them and let the health office know. If you need information on prevention and/or treatment, please contact the Health Office.


    Medication at School

    No medication will be given to a child without the completion of the "School Medication Permission and Instruction" form (signed by parents and physician). Medication must be brought to school by an adult and in the original prescription container from the pharmacy or physician and properly labeled. Medication is defined as prescription and non-prescription (over the counter) drugs. This includes cough drops. You can find the form below. If you have any questions, please call the Health Office.

  • Reminders


    Please keep the office aware of any changes in your child's emergency contact phone numbers.

    Attention 5th grade parents: now is a great time to start making your appointments for 6th grade physicals!