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  • Here at Illinois Park, our mission is to partner with staff, family and community members to work together to create a safe and positive learning environment for ALL preschoolers to help them become socially and emotionally ready to make academic progress in all learning areas.  



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Important Changes at Illinois Park for the 2018-2019 School Year

  • We have changed our Snack Policy and Pick up and Drop off Procedures. 

    Since have many allergies and want to have has much instructional time as we can,we have changed our snack policy. There is a recommended snack list.  We will only accept healthy snacks and will not celebrate birthdays with treats.   

    All PREK for ALL students will be receiving one-way transportation this year so we have more students in the Pick Up and Drop off Line. There are detailed documents to show where you should go depending on if your child has a classroom upstarts or downstairs. Please not we will start drop off at 7:45 am this year and close all doors at 8 am also to allow maximum instructional time.

    Please be patient the first week-it will get quicker as it becomes routine.

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