Planning For Our Future

Developing an Educational Facility Master Plan

  • girl smiling School District U-46 has embarked on an Educational Facility Master Plan (EFMP) process to assess our infrastructure, classrooms, furnishings and overall facility use and efficiency. The Board selected DLR Group, a Chicago-based design firm, as its partner to develop a facilities master plan.

    This is long-range work that the District undertook in early 2020, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But with some modifications and minor delays, the process has continued, and students, faculty, parents, and community members have been able to participate in the beginning stages of developing a thoughtful, long-term master plan to support our future. 

    Thank you for your support as the District works to provide equitable access to 21st century learning environments that support academic success for all. If you have any questions about DLR Group's work, please reach out to the District’s Operations Department by clicking on the “Educational Facility Master Plan” on Let’s Talk.


Phase 1 Community Meeting

  • During the first phase of work, U-46 and DLR Group have studied educational adequacy and the physical condition of all schools, as well as gathering feedback from teachers, staff, students and community members through surveys and small group virtual sessions. Those efforts have revolved around how well each school building is currently meeting the needs of students, staff and family members via its instructional space, physical comfort, and the integration of building space and modern technology to support collaborative teaching and learning. Those Phase 1 results were shared in a virtual meeting with community members on Jan. 27, 2021. The meeting was recorded and can be watched above or directly on the U-46's YouTube channel.


Phase 2 Community Meeting

  • The second of two community meetings this winter to update members of the public on this long-range work took place on Feb. 10. The work in Phase 2, focused on developing a vision for education in a sustainable, equitable district. It has involved a variety of workshops with students, staff, teachers, administrators, and community members. The recording of that meeting can be watched above or on the District’s YouTube channel.

Building Snapshots

  • See detailed and downloadable "snapshots" for each of our schools by clicking here.

     Map of Bartlett Elementary School