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Professional Development

  • Welcome to the Professional Development Department!  On this page, you'll find information about professional development opportunities in the district and about the Professional Development Committee.

    You can click on the button above to access information about the PD Days (District Collaboration Days (DCD), Professional Practice Days (PPD), School Improvement Days (SIP/CIP)) and available PD by job role/building.  

    Follow the link to Catalog to view and register for current PD offerings

    If you need to access information from Wisdomwhere for licensure information, please click here.

    You can enter your PD or Committee experiences for professional credit here.  

    Look under the Professional Development Committee Links for information about how to apply for funds to attend PD Conferences or host PD experiences at your building.

    We're here to provide the best growth and experience for our students by creating the best PD experiences for our teachers.

    Any questions? Contact us at

    You can enter your professional development hours by following this link to ELIS (Here's a video about how to access the ELIS site)

    For help with entering professional development hours (CPDU's) in ELIS, please consult this video: