Equity Audit and Survey - Fall 2021

  • School District U-46 is conducting a comprehensive equity audit to determine the extent to which the district is effectively serving all students.  This comprehensive dive into all layers within our district will equip all of us with information to aggressively work towards eradicating inequities on paper and in practice and ensuring that we live up to our mission statement that U-46 is “a great place for all students to learn, all teachers to teach, and all employees to work; all means all.”  

    The District has contracted with Curriculum Management Solutions, inc. (CMSi) to conduct this audit in September and October this year. Here is an overview of what the equity audit entails:

    • Ongoing data review of more than 100 documents, including but not limited to, administrative regulations, board policies, curriculum guides, human resources data, state reports, staffing formulas, and student work samples. 
    • Site visits, including classroom visits, to all elementary, middle and high schools by CMSi staff from September 27th through October 1st.
    • One-to-one and focus group interviews with students, parents, and staff by CMSi staff from September 27 through September 29th. PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS REGISTER BELOW
    • Survey of staff, administrators, students, and parents/guardians to capture experiences within U-46 from September 15th through October 5th. Please click on the following if you're a U-46 student, parent, or staff member. 

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    The student interviews are with focus groups of 8-12 students across the District and are aimed at providing students an opportunity to share, with the auditors, their perspectives and experiences related to diversity, equity, and inclusion issues across the district. There is the possibility your child will be selected to be interviewed. Parents who prefer to have their child (or children) opt out of being interviewed or participating in the survey, please notify your child's principal.

    Parents and caregivers interested in sharing their time and perspective with representatives from CMSi as they will be important contributions to the findings and recommendations, need to reserve a time slot using one of the following sign-up forms by Thursday, Sept. 23:


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