Equity and Inclusion Student Survey - 2021

  • Logo  School District U-46 will be asking our students in 4th through 12th grade to take a Student Equity and Inclusion Survey between March 8 and March 26, 2021.

    This is our Student Equity and Inclusion Survey; the first was administered in May 2020.  The survey asks important questions about diversity and inclusion, cultural awareness and action, and our students’ sense of belonging. The results will also support our improvement plans. We know that when students feel included and represented, they are more likely to succeed. 

    The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and teachers will be encouraged to allow students to take the survey during an in-person or synchronous classroom time between March 8 and March 26. 

    Like last year, U-46 is partnering with a leading K-12 research company (Panorama Education) to manage the survey process to ensure data privacy and security.  You can read more about Panorama’s student privacy policy here.

    Student voices are an important part of helping to make positive climate and culture enhancements in our schools. The 2020 survey results have already been used by principals and school teams as well as our District leaders to improve equity and inclusion efforts. We’ve held student and parent discussions on race and equity and are continuing the critical work needed to support our students and our collective sense of belonging and understanding as outlined in our Equity Plan.

    Parents and guardians are encouraged to urge your children to take their time to give honest and thoughtful answers. There are no right or wrong answers and their responses will not affect their grades in any way. If a student doesn’t feel like they have enough information to answer a question, they can skip the item and continue taking the survey. Individual responses to this survey are completely confidential.

    Again, students will receive a message  in their student email account with a direct link to the survey. Alternatively, students can access their survey by navigating to surveys.panoramaed.com/u46 and entering their Student ID, which serves as their access code.

    Parents or guardians who have any questions or concerns about the survey administration should use via Let’s Talk using the Let’s Talk Questions/Feedback button. 



  • U-46 students in 4th through 12th grade can access their survey by navigating to surveys.panoramaed.com/u46 and entering their Student ID, which serves as their access code.

    Learn more here about the survey design. 

    Read a preview of this year's questions. 

    See the results of the spring 2020 survey



Survey Background

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    The Panorama Equity and Inclusion Survey provides schools and districts with a clear picture of how students, teachers, and staff are thinking and feeling about diversity, equity, and inclusion in school. The survey can help schools and districts track the progress of equity initiatives through the lens of students and staff, identify areas for celebration and improvement, inform professional development, and signal the importance of equity and inclusion to the community. The student topics were developed in partnership with the RIDES (Reimagining Integration: Diverse & Equitable Schools) Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.