Facilities Rental

  • U-46 invites the community to rent its facilities for community programs, sporting events, and other meetings that benefit our communties and schools. To learn abou renting our U-46 facilities, read the facility rentals procedures and handbook.

    Facility Rental Procedures

    Please read and understand the rules and regulations of the District Rental program, especially the sections on insurance requirements, contract obligations, deposits, and final payment terms. Please call the Rental program with any questions at 847-888-5000 ext. 4200, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Submit an application online to rent a School District U-46 facility. If the online application cannot be accessed for any reason, please call 847-888-5000, ext. 4200.

    When the rental application is received, the request is checked for the permissibility of the event, the rental group classification and for space availability.

    If the event meets the District Rules and Regulations, space availability and is approved by the school, then a cost estimate is compiled. It is then mailed to the applicant with a rental confirmation and contract to be signed (renter is advised again to verify that he or she can meet the rental requirements such as providing an insurance certificate, deposit, and abide by the contract terms).

    All rental documentation should be mailed to:
    School District U-46, Plant Operations Dept
    Attn: Rental Program
    1460 Sheldon Drive
    Elgin, IL. 60120

    No rental event will be considered 'booked' until after receiving the signed contract, a copy of the insurance certificate and the required deposit or full rental payment.

    After the rental event, a final cost is compiled and the renter is invoiced for the final balance. All payments are due upon receipt of invoice.