Plans and Priorities

  • School District U-46 serves more than 38,000 students throughout 11 communities in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. U-46 is committed to the academic success of every student in every school. In pursuit of this mission, the District is guided by several priorities, values, and beliefs. These include:

    Strategic Plan

    In April 2015, the Board of Education approved a new U-46 Strategic Plan featuring four aspirations and eight related priorities. Since then, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee developed measurable goals to meet the aspirations and priorities. In early 2020 the Board aims to update some of the Strategic Plan metrics. 

    Equity Plan 

    In November 2019, a District team presented a new first-time Equity Plan that aligns to the four main aspirations of the Strategic Plan. Work to further develop and implement this plan is ongoing and more information will be shared in 2020. 

    ICARE Standards 

    In 2014, District employees developed these behavior standards to help provide consistency in our service to all customers (internal and external). District employees are expected to model these standards that align to the District’s values.