For Employees Who Need to Provide Proof of Your COVID-19 Vaccination or Consent for Testing

  • September 2020

    The information on this page is for U-46 employees who have not yet submitted proof of vaccination or consent for voluntary testing as required by the Governor’s Executive Order No. 87

    As Superintendent Sanders noted in his Sept. 16 all staff message, all U-46 employees and contract employees working in our buildings will need to have either submitted proof of vaccination or agree to be tested for COVID-19 weekly. We’re almost there - with 95 percent of employees in compliance as of Sept. 23 - but we need your help and completed paperwork. 


    1. You can submit proof of vaccination or your consent to testing via email at
    2. You can submit scanned documentation to Let’s Talk tab Payroll
    3. You can submit proof of vaccination or your consent to testing through our Munis Self-Service platform. Remember that upon login to Munis, you will be prompted to follow a two-factor authentication process, as a security measure, and will be directed to a secondary personal email in order to retrieve a unique security code to enter the Munis System. For reference, please follow these instructions to log into Munis, including re-setting your password if necessary.  More tips can be found in the sidebar on this page

    Once in Munis, all K-12 U-46 employees must show evidence by completing one of the following actions:

    1. Submit proof as soon as possible of full vaccination. That proof can consist of:

    • a scanned copy or photo of your CDC vaccination card which should show your name, date of birth, and the dates of vaccination(s) and the lot number of your vaccination; or, 
    • documentation of vaccination from a healthcare provider; or
    • a copy of State immunization records. 

    Please contact your county health department if you have lost or misplaced your CDC vaccination card. 



    2. Download this consent form agreeing to minimum weekly testing for COVID-19, complete and sign it, and upload it per the directions. U-46 has partnered with the University of Illinois through SHIELD Illinois to provide a saliva-based COVID-19 test with results in less than 24 hours. Only individuals producing a negative test result will be permitted to enter or work at U-46 facilities. 

    If you don’t want to download the consent form from Munis, please know that blank, printed copies of the SHIELD testing consent form are available within our Food & Nutrition, Plant Operations, and Transportation Center offices for those employees who would rather simply sign the form and upload it into Munis.

    Until the SHIELD testing program gets underway, likely in October, unvaccinated employees will self-report their test results using the form located here. We ask that unvaccinated employees submit their results on or before Friday, Sept. 24 and then on or before every Friday that follows.  


    As Superintendent Sanders noted on Sept. 16, the District is required to enforce the Executive Order, meaning that any employee who has not submitted proof of vaccination will need to self-report COVID-19 test results.  Pursuant to the Executive Order, unvaccinated employees who do not submit test results will not be allowed to continue working in our facilities beginning Sept. 27. 


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