Explore 2020: A Community, Curriculum and Career Expo

  • Explore 2020, U-46's annual curriculum and career expo, will be on Wednesday, Sept. 16 and Thursday, Sept. 17 at the Sears Centre, 5333 Prairie Stone Parkway in Hoffman Estates. U-46's 8th grade students will attend during the school day on Thursday, Sept. 17 with their teachers and classmates. The event is designed to demonstrate the connection between academics and careers, and to encourage students to think about what college or career path they may want to follow. Parents and guardians are invited to attend a special free “preview” of Explore 2020 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at the Sears Centre.

    At both the parent preview and school-day event, U-46 faculty and staff will be present to explain core classes, electives, and popular course sequences that are based on students’ career interests, such as courses in automotive, welding, healthcare science, and manufacturing, as well as additional college and career preparatory curriculum. Representatives from the District’s five magnet academies, which require an application process, are there as well. Exhibitors, which include businesses, hospitals, local governmental organizations, industry partners, universities, and non-profits, representing about a dozen career clusters, will share information on occupations that students might want to explore - and the college and career pathways that lead to those occupations.  

    As in recent years, the Alignment Collaborative for Education is partnering with U-46 to organize Explore.


  • The Citizens’ Advisory Council (CAC) helped launch the expo six years ago. Since then, members of the Alignment Collaborative for Education have helped expand the expo by recruiting local business and industry leaders to showcase career options, demonstrate skills used in those fields, and explain what high school and college coursework will prepare students to work in a particular area. Alignment is an organization that helps bring together community experts and resources to better support U-46 students so that they leave high school prepared to be contributing adults eager to live and work in their community.

    For information about how your organization can become a expo sponsor or exhibitor, please visit the Alignment website at www.align4edu.org.


Past Explore Participants