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  • Planning the Path

    Our priority in School District U-46 is to ensure that every student graduates college and career ready. Two structures that support this work in different ways are Educational Pathways and the Magnet Academies. Students may choose to follow an Educational Pathway at their home high school starting in 9th grade or they may apply to, and if admitted, attend a Magnet Academy for their high school career. 


    Educational Pathways

    Educational Pathways are clusters of strategically planned sequences of career-oriented courses paired with required general education courses that lead directly to a post-secondary plan. Educational Pathways are designed to give students and their families the information needed to plan for a high wage/ high demand career. Educational Pathways are flexible and do not require an application. They are a framework that helps students plan their future based on current interests and aptitudes. It is anticipated that many students will make changes in their plans and can choose a different Educational Pathway should that time come. 

    Each high school will offer the same five broad Educational Pathways. Within each Educational Pathway there are sequences of courses called Programs of Study that vary by high school. Students can participate in Programs of Study hosted in their home high school or work with a counselor to design a schedule that would allow them to travel to another high school should they choose to participate in a Program of Study not offered by their home high school. 


    Magnet Academies

    Magnet Academies are theme-based schools within a school. Each of the five comprehensive high schools in U-46 features a unique Magnet Academy. Magnet Academies feature course sequences based on their themes. This means that many of the electives in the Magnet Academies are required so that students graduate having met the objectives of that Magnet Academy. 


    Students apply to the Magnet Academies in the fall of their 8th grade year. Students are able to apply to any Magnet Academy no matter where they live in the district boundaries and transportation is provided. 



    Educational Pathways

    Arts & Communication Educational Pathway

    Possible Careers:Arts & Communication Logo

    Commercial & Industrial Designer

    Film and Video Production

    Graphic Designer

    Public Relations Specialist

    Sound Engineering Technician

    Program of Study


    Post Secondary Credential

    Digital Art

    Photography and Design Intro

    Digital Art 1

    Digital Art 2

    Adobe Certification

    Graphic Design

    Photography and Design Intro

    Graphic Design 1

    Graphic Design 2

    Adobe Certification


    The Theater Experience

    Actor’s Workshop

    Advanced Theater Production


    Web Page and Multimedia Design

    Computer Applications

    Multimedia Design and Publication

    Web & Media Design

    Advanced Web and Media Design


    Written Communication

    Production and Publication 1

    Production and Publication 2


    Finance, Business, Information Technology, and Hospitality

    Possible Careers:

    AccountantFinance, Business, IT Logo

    Business Manager


    Computer and Information Systems Managers/ Engineers


    Hospitality Manager

    Human Resource Specialist

    Marketing Specialist

    Software Developers

    Web Developer

    Program of Study


    Post Secondary Credential


    Introduction to Global Business


    College Accounting


    Business Management and Administration

    Introduction to Global Business

    Computer Applications

    Advanced Computer Applications

    Microsoft Office 

    Computer Science

    AP Computer Science A

    AP Computer Science B


    Culinary Arts/ Hospitality

    Introduction to Culinary Arts

    Culinary Arts

    Advanced Culinary Arts

    Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management



    Introduction to Global Business


    Management and Entrepreneurship


    Health, Human, and Professional Services Educational Pathway

    Possible Careers:

    Certified Nursing Assistant, NurseHealth, Human and Professional Services Logo




    Fire Fighter


    Medical and Laboratory Technician

    Police Officer

    Social Worker



    Program of Study


    Post Secondary Credential

    Biomedical Science

    PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science

    PLTW Medical Interventions

    Human Body Systems


    Certified Nursing Assistant

    Foundations of Healthcare Science

    Advanced Healthcare Science

    Fundamentals of Human Anatomy

    Certified Nursing Assistant

    Certified Nursing Assistant

    Dual Credit

    Early Childhood Education

    Child Development

    Childhood Education

    Advanced Childhood Education


    Healthcare Science

    Foundations of Healthcare Science

    Advanced Healthcare Science

    Fundamentals of Human Anatomy



    Introduction to Law 1

    Introduction to Law 2


    Veterinary Assistant (Regional Pathway)

    Introduction to Agriculture

    Veterinary Science 1

    Veterinary Science 2

    NAVTA Certification

    Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology, and Trades Educational Pathway

    Possible Careers:

    ArchitectManufacturing, Engineering, Technology, & Trades Logo

    Automotive/ Heavy Equipment Service Technician

    Civil Engineer

    Electromechanical Technician

    Mechanical Engineer

    Precision Machinist/ Tool and Die Maker


    Program of Study


    Post-Secondary Credential

    Automotive Technology

    Automotive Technology, Advanced Automotive Technology,

    Automotive Service

    ASE Certification

    Engineering- Architectural/ Civil

    PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design

    PLTW Principles of Engineering


    PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture


    Engineering- Electrical

    PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design

    PLTW Principles of Engineering

    PLTW Digital Electronics


    Engineering- Manufacturing

    PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design

    PLTW Principles of Engineering

    PLTW Computer Integrated Manufacturing


    Engineering- Mechanical/ Design

    PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design

    PLTW Principles of Engineering

    PLTW Engineering Design and Development


    Precision Manufacturing

    Intro to Precision Manufacturing

    Precision Manufacturing

    Advanced Precision Manufacturing

    NIMS Certification

    Dual Credit


    Intro to Welding Technology

    Welding Technology 1

    Welding Technology 2

    AWS Certification

    Dual Credit

    Multidisciplinary Educational Pathway

    Students work with their counselors to compose a four-year plan based on their goals and interests.

    Multidisciplinary Pathway Logo