Welcome to the Gifted Program at U-46

  • U-46 provides a variety of gifted programs to ensure that every high-achieving student has an opportunity to excel.

    • AIM: Access to Inquiry and Meaning (AIM) is a talent development program for 2nd and 3rd grade students.
    • IGNITE: Inquiry and Gifted Network for Ingenuity Talent and Exploration (IGNITE) and it's Dual Languge counterpart are school-within-a-school programs for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students who demonstrate achievement or specific academic aptitude in the areas of Mathematics and English Language Arts and perform beyond the norm for their age group.
    • Middle School Gifted: Gifted services continue through 8th grade with Gifted Sites at all U-46 Middle Schools; 5 of which also house Dual Language Gifted Programs.


    You can find more information regarding Gifted programs and services by exploring the tabs!

  • Identification Process!!

     There are several steps our office takes in collaboration with a committee and other departments to maintain the effectiveness and integrity of the screening process. Because of this, we prefer to offer a windows of time rather than exact dates so as not to worry or confuse families anticipating results. At this time, the identification process has been completed and notices are being prepared and sent out via USPS. Thanks for your patience and understanding!!


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