Gifted Services for Students in Middle School

  • The elementary gifted services known as IGNITE and Dual IGNITE continue through middle school. Students who are already in a gifted classroom are invited to continue in the core gifted program through 8th grade. 

    Students who are not already in the middle school gifted program will be screened during 6th grade at their elementary school based on standardized test scores or teacher recommendation.

    Gifted students receive differentiated instruction in Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.  The courses are interdiciplinary when possible and replace students' general education class in these subject areas.  All Middle School students are placed in leveled Math classes.  Dual Language Gifted students have two Gifted Language Arts classes -- one English and one Spanish.

    The Gifted program is offered at all U-46 middle schools and students attend at their home middle school.

    The Dual Gifted program is available at Abbott, Ellis, Kimball, Larsen and Tefft. Students who live in the Canton, Eastview or Kenyon Woods boundaries attend the prgoram at one of the Dual sites.