Gifted Identification

  • Here's the general criteria and screening process for U-46's Gifted Program. As we all learned in 2020, there's always the chance exceptions and unexpected changes may occur. Especially this year, our timeline looks drastically different as we do our best to accommodate students who may have missed their opportunity for screening last year. Our goal is for every gifted learner to receive the education they deserve. We appreciate your understanding as we do our best to get students properly placed as quickly as possible.

    For a more detailed outline, please refer to the parent guides below.

    • 3rd & 6th grade students take the CogAT as part of our Universal Screening.
    • CogAT scores are added to a comprehensive student profile including MAP scores, data from schools and the community, and input from teachers.
    • Gifted Coordinator ensures student profiles are complete, accurate, and reflect information necessary for decision making.
    • The ID Committee reviews all student profiles and recommend gifted placement that is appropriate, fair, unbiased, and aligns with our program's core beliefs.
    • Invites are mailed to families.
    • Appeals Window- families have the right to appeal initial committee decisions. During this window, these links (Appeal Request Spanish Appeal Request) can be utilized.
    • Rosters are finalized.
    • Students begin gifted sections in 4th & 8th grades.


    Keep an eye on our calendar for specific dates and announcements as they arise!