Equity & Diversity

  • At U-46, we cultivate spaces that encourage kindness. As educators, we inspire students to lead with curiosity. As a community, we build bridges that unite people of all walks of life. Learn more here about our initiatives to celebrate our vibrant diversity and work for equity and inclusion across our schools and programs.

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  • Voices of Distinction: Owning the Glory in Our Stories

    U-46 is proud to share highlights from our recent Voices of Distinction panel, where we celebrated the contributions of some of our current male African American team members.
    Our panelists, including proud U-46 graduates, shared their inspiring journeys within education. They discussed the impact of their roles on shaping the future, creating a sense of belonging for students, their personal experiences as educators and mentors, and their deep commitment to giving back to the community.
    View highlights here:
    View the full video here:
    Thank you to our panelists:
    • Charles Smith, Assistant Principal, Abbott Middle School
    • Dayvon Ellis, Student Success Advocate, Streamwood High School
    • Jimmy Brown, Student Success Advocate, Streamwood High School
    • Dr. Melvin Caldwell, Assistant Principal, Eastview Middle School
    • Jeron Shelton, Principal, McKinley Elementary School
    • Charles Wells, Social Worker, U-46 Specialized Student Services