• Our Moral Imperative

    Our moral imperative is to change until all our systems measurably work for all children.

    It is our responsibility to ensure all students are engaged in rigorous learning, receive quality core instruction, and can develop the skills they need for better life chances and opportunities.

    Our focus must be on rigor, agency, and equity (and all systems must support).

    We will become a choice district that inspires families to join us.

    Our Challenge

    We need every student engaged in rigorous grade-level core instruction.

    Our classroom learning environments will shift to Academic Teaming, where students develop and exercise agency by collaborating with peers on standards-aligned tasks using complex grade-level texts. 

    Equity, Our Collective Effort

    We will not locate deficits in our students, rather seek out deficits in our systems that generate our results.

    Each of our systems must be measured and improved.