• Our Mission 

    The mission of School District U-46 for Equity is to aggressively include and value all students; especially those who have been historically marginalized, invisible and forgotten resulting in persistent achievement and/or excellence gaps. Further, this mission seeks to operationalize actions through structures and systems to meet student’s unique learning needs while developing and preparing them to be vibrant contributors in an increasing interrelated, interconnected and interdependent global community.

  • Our Vision 

    We will...

    • Provide every student with equitable access to high quality and culturally and linguistically relevant instruction, curriculum, and other educational resources.
    • Create multiple pathways to success in order to meet the needs of our diverse student body.
    • Actively encourage, support and expect high academic achievement from all students.
    • Actively strive to have a teacher and administrative workforce that reflects the diversity of the student body.
    • Provide professional development to strengthen employee knowledge and skills in eliminating disparities in achievement based on race and/or ethnicity.
    • Remedy any practices that lead to over-representation of students of color in special education and student discipline.
    • Remedy any practices that lead to under-representation of students of color in programs such as gifted programs, academies, and early college experiences.
    • Welcome, empower and recognize students and families of all racial and ethnic backgrounds as essential partners in their student’s education, school planning and District decision-making.
    • Include and consider the input of government agencies, non-profit organizations, business and the community in general in ensuring equity of programs to all students.
    • Hold the Superintendent, school and central office administrative leadership, and all remaining District staff accountable for their contributions toward measurable progress in ensuring these mandates.
    • Develop action plans with clear accountability and metrics – including prioritizing staffing and budget allocations, as well as ensuring equity in the allocation of resources used to accomplish these mandates.
    • Update action plans and progress towards these mandates that will be reported to the School District U-46 School Board annually.


  • Our Core Beliefs

    We believe...


    • A Culturally Proficient workforce will strengthen our collective knowledge, attitudes, skills and practices to be an inclusive and culturally responsive organization that is equipped to meet the needs of all the students and families that we serve.
    • An Equitable and Culturally Responsive Organization must be felt and experienced by all stakeholders.
    • A Strategically Implemented Professional Development plan to build cultural proficiency among all staff will insure the application of equitable and culturally responsive practices for students; especially those who have been historically marginalized, invisible and forgotten.
    • All Curriculum and Instructional Materials must reflect the unique cultural and linguistic diversity that is our student population.
    • Equitable Resources and Scaled Supports for all students must be established within a culturally responsive and equitable school and district system, PreK-12.
    • Enhancing Parent and Community Engagement with culturally and linguistically meaningful activities will lead to greater levels of participation and contributions to our schools and district, PreK-12.
    • School Safety is a priority; Strengthening Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies will increase rapport and strengthen relationships among and between all stakeholders as well as reduce/eliminate the potential for inequitable practices in student discipline.
    • Equitably Distributing Funds so that seen and unseen real and/or rumored financial barriers to student success in every academic, athletic, and/or extracurricular activity approved by School District U-46 School Board isn’t the predictor of participation and success.
    • Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining a diverse faculty and staff that reflects the cultural and linguistic experiences and worldviews of our students is essential for meeting the needs of all our students.
    • We believe we must Ensure Easily Navigable Structures and Systems so that community and families interactions with School District U-46 are understandable and accessible regardless of one’s cultural and linguistic diversity.
    • All School and District Processes must be accessible and understandable to all students, parents and families regardless of one’s culture or language.