• Each month, the PD Committee Representatives share out key points from the meeting with their respective programs/buildings.  We have decided to post the meeting highlights here for those individuals who may not have a PD rep at their building. Meeting minutes are posted below.

    Here are the updates from the November PD Committee Meeting; If you would like to see the full agenda with minutes please click here.
    -Reminder: When submitting for reimbursement please only submit the approved $1,000 even if more was spent. Each individual can submit a maximum of $1,000 per year of PD reimbursement. If the amount submitted is more than $1,000 the submission is automatically flagged by the system. Receipts do not need to match exactly… i.e. if a conference cost $500 and the flight cost $560, only submit $500 for the flight so it does not exceed the $1,000 limit.
    -Task Support Course Registration: This is the make up session for Designing Interdependent Tasks. The course is up and ready for people to register. It will be happening every month from now to the end of the school year. The dates for each month have not yet been set but they will be shared once they are set so teachers can plan ahead to try to obtain subs.
    -NTO Extension Update:This is a session we have offered for the past two years.  The focus is on providing meaningful learning around the SLO process, content support, and this year on building in support around either Instructional Clarity (ES), Academic Teaming 201 (MS), or task design and development (HS). The goal of sharing this communication with the committee is to build awareness of why these sessions are occurring and how we are trying to shift our PD model, especially for our new teachers, to help connect multiple pieces of learning together to help them see how the work itself is aligned.
    -Upcoming PD: AT401 for MS: Starting end of Nov. through end of Jan. The goal of this session is to reflect on the learning that teachers have participated in thus far in AT 101 - 301 and dive deeper into the tools.  The kit for this session is minimal and provides support in using the learning mats and thinking guides that were a part of the other sessions. See the slide deck from the meeting for the learning targets that will be a part of this session.  As a note - MS teachers may want to come with a task or standard in mind to apply their learning to planning for their classroom.
    -Building Tech Coach: Each building should have a tech coach that can help walk teachers through using different technology and apps in the classroom. IF you are unsure if your building has a tech coach or do not know who it is, please contact Celiabanks@u-46.org to request the name of your coach.
    -DIT Feedback Survey: If you attended Designing Interdependent Tasks and have not yet completed the exit ticket, please use this link!
    -MicroPD Review: IC Message Center
    Please answer these questions
    Before building out too far with the MicroPD format the data collected from this survey will inform how the microPD format gets adjusted and what is offered.
    Thank you to everyone for the input and feedback you provide to better our PD experience. Happy November!