• I completed my evaluations in Canvas, retrieved my PD hour form, and uploaded it to the Professional Credit System. Do I have to do anything else?

    Yes. If you still need hours for your licensure renewal you need to go to the ELIS site and enter in the information about the session you completed in that system.  The Professional Credit Tracking System does not share information with the ISBE ELIS system.  For PD sessions that use PD+ rather than Canvas, you do not need to do anything extra but you can use these directions to retrieve a PD hour form to upload into the Professional Credit Tracking System. 

    I need to find PD hour forms from a long time ago.  Where do I look?

    If you are looking for forms that were in a Canvas course, please use this video to help guide the process.  If you don't remember the name of the courses you registered for, email professionaldevelopment@u-46.org  and ask for a transcript.  Please make sure you include the dates that the transcript should contain. (i.e. I'm looking for all course registrations from August 2020 - January 2021).  If you need forms from before August 2020, please use this link to access your WisdomWhere record.

    I attended a conference and they gave me a certificate of PD hours.  Can I use that for licensure renewal?

    The only PD eligible for licensure renewal is PD run by an Illinois Approved Provider.  All PD that meets this criteria issues an Evidence of Completion Form (PD Hour Form, ISBE Form 77-21b).  If the PD does not issue this, it should not be entered for licensure renewal.

    I attended a meeting and they did not issue PD hours.  Why can't I receive PD hours for my participation?

    All PD that provides ISBE PD Hours must align with one of the areas defined in the Illinois School Code. These areas are as follows: 

    (1) activities are of a type that engage participants over a sustained period of time allowing for analysis, discovery, and application as they relate to student learning, social or emotional achievement, or well-being;

    (2) professional development aligns to the licensee's performance;

    (3) outcomes for the activities must relate to student growth or district improvement;

    (4) activities align to State-approved standards; and

    (5) higher education coursework.

    Meeting content often falls outside of this work (general updates, policies and procedures, etc.) and therefore is not eligible for PD hours.