• Staff members in U-46 have a bounty of knowledge and experiences that could be shared with other staff members.  If you would like to develop and facilitate a PD which would offer PD hours, you need to follow the following 4 steps.

    1. Take Professional Development Design 101.  

    PDD 102 is also provided to get feedback on your session or assistance on your design.

    2. Complete 2 forms:

    • the Professional Development Provider Activity Summary (ISBE 73-58, 10/16)  
    • the U-46 Professional Development Approval & Posting Request CU-PD-F001

    3. Submit the forms for approval. 

    • For training occurring on a PPD, ETA members can submit forms to the Teacher Leader for Professional Development or the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, joshuacarpenter@u-46.org
    • For training occurring on a DCD, after school, or other times PD is offered, forms must be submitted to the supervising Assistant Superintendent for the school, department, or program.

    4. Submit forms at least 2 weeks in advance of the PD session to allow time for processing. 

    *PD Hours cannot be applied for after the session has occurred.

    Forms can be found below.