School Improvement Planning/Response to Intervention Leadership Committee

  • Three major committees are in place to continually improve the services and supports that students at Lords Park receive.  

    School Improvement Planning/Response to Intervention Leadership Committee

    The SIP/RtI Leadership Committee consists of teachers and parents and is dedicated to the formal school improvement planning process, utilizing the ISBE Rising Star SIP program. The comittee reveals school academic performance data on a monthly basis. Lords Park has adopted four priority areas for our school with a list of tasks to be accomplished tied to each one. All staff members at Lords Park serve in a group connected to one of the four priorities.

    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) Committee

    PBIS is the schoolwide student expectation program at Lords Park. The three core expectations are being responsible, being respectful, and being safe. The committee meets at least monthly to review all aspects of the program, including the teaching of skills, reinforcement of positive behaviors, nature and extent of disciplinary referrals, and special events for the purpose of school cohesiveness. The committee reports to the full faculty each month. 

    Building Committee

    This committee meets monthly to plan or review various school activities.  The committee also considers school resources like our budget and makes decisions that support student growth and development. The committee is representative of all programs and grade levels. 

    Other committees include the School Social Committee, and a variety of "ad hoc" committees that meet for a designated amount of time for specific purposes.