Ellis is a P.B.I.S. School!

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    What is P.B.I.S.?

    The PBIS initiative is grounded in the concept that through the use of positive teaching and reinforcement strategies by ALL school staff, it is possible to reduce the use of reactive discipline such as trips to the office, suspensions, etc. PBIS may appear as three school-wide expectations that guide school behavior such as "Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe."

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    Successful implementation of these strategies requires the use of a data system. The data provides information about not only the student involved but on locations where problems occur, the problem behaviors most often cited, possible motivation and administrative decisions. This provides the opportunity for school staff to look for a pattern of behavior problems over a period of time, develop interventions and determine if they are successful through the use of data.

    PBIS provides a vehicle to create a school-wide culture that supports positive student behavior and addresses negative behavior by looking for the root cause of the problem and addressing it.

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    For more information about the P.B.I.S program, click here to visit the national P.B.I.S. website