• Boundaries are subject to change. Contact the school office at (847) 888-5190 for current information and clarification.

    In December of 2015, the Board of Education accepted a proposal that changed the boundaries for Coleman Elementary School. Effective starting in the 2016-2017 school year, Coleman's northern boundary is I-90, the eastern boundary is Blackhawk Dr. (from Huron to Martin Dr.) and Preston Ave. (between Summit St. and Slade Ave.) The southern boundary is Summit St (from Hill Ave. to Preston) and Martin Dr.(from Hiawatha to Blackhawk). The western boundary is Spring St (between Slade Ave. and River Bluff Rd.), Dundee Ave. (from Jefferson Ave to Slade Ave.), and Hill Ave. (between Summit St. and Jefferson Ave.). Please be advised that boundaries include the western side of 

    Blackhawk Dr. and Preston Ave., the northern side of Martin Dr., Summit St., & Jefferson Ave., and the eastern side of Hill Ave. between Summit St. and Jefferson Ave.

    boundary map