Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

  • What is PBIS?

    PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) is an approach to preventing and responding to school and classroom discipline problems. PBIS develops school-wide systems that support staff to teach and promote positive behavior in all students. By reducing behavioral problems, PBIS creates and maintains safe learning environments where teachers can teach and students can learn. This year our school will begin implementing PBIS. Listed below are some of the key components of our implementation. 

    Set School Wide Expectations For ALL students

    The guiding expectations are for all students to be SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL. The expectations are posted all around our school. 

    Click for more detailed information about our behavior expectations: Behavior Matrix - DOC 

    Acknowledge Student Behaviors

    There are three types of recognition we will use during the year.

    • Otter Tags:These tags are given to students who display appropriate behavior for the various locations in the school. Students keep the tags and use them to spend on a menu of items.
    • High Five: This is given to students, groups or classes who go above and beyond what is expected. Students receiving a High 5 are recognized on the morning announcements, receive a certificate and have a hand with their name displayed in the lunchroom.
    • Long term Celebrations: Each quarter, celebration activities will be held for those who demonstrate good overall behavior. Celebrations might include a picnic, movie day and game day. 

    Parent’s Role At Home

    Your support at home is a key component.  Help us by talking with your children about their behavior.  Praise them when they show positive behavior traits.  When there is an issue, talk with your child about the issue and the importance of being be SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL.  Many issues occur because students struggle to deal with conflict in a peaceful manner.  At home you can talk about different problems that might occur and appropriate ways to deal with them.