Our Mission

  • You were made to be awesome Vision Statement: 

    Hillcrest is a collaborative community where all are committed to academic success. 
    Established by a Community of Learners – 2014 

    Mission Statement:

    At Hillcrest we will invest in collaboration between all stakeholders to promote an environment of respect, positive behaviors, critical thinking, and engagement. We view learning as an ongoing process where we will encourage the community to use critical thinking skills to solve problems and contribute to society in a positive manner. 

    Academic Success

    • Teaching to state standards
    • Curriculum Roadmap/Curriculum mapping
    • Data Analysis to inform instruction – Focus on Critical Subgroups for AYP/Students below proficient/All Students
    • Professional Learning Community Culture
    • SIP - School Improvement Planning – Professional Development
    • Making Meaning – Balanced Literacy – Literacy Block
    • Safety Nets – Math and Literacy
    • Intervention Plans
    • RTI Model – Response To Intervention

    Measurable Tools

    • MAP – Measures for Academic Progress/K-2 Assessments (ISEL, Observation Survey (K-1)
    • KIDS - Kindergarten Individual Development Survey
    • DRA/EDL Assessments (Pre and Post)
    • LAS LINKS (Grade 5)
    • ISA (Grade 5)
    • Ongoing Formative and Summative Assessments