Drivers Education Teachers

  • Driver Education Objectives

    1. To develop an understanding of the social and legal responsibilities involved with the operation of a motor vehicle.
    2. To develop an understanding of the Highway Transportation System and the interaction that occurs in that system.
    3. To develop decision making skills that are necessary to safely manage the complex task of driving.
    4. To develop decision making skills necessary to execute specific driving tasks.
    5. To develop an awareness of personal driving limitations and an understanding of the proper methods to compensate for those limitations.
    6. To develop an understanding of the economic factors involved with ownership and care of an automobile.
    7. To develop an understanding of maintenance procedures and practices necessary to keep a vehicle safe for the road and operating at maximum energy efficiency.
    8. To develop an awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drugs as they relate to the driving task.
    9. To assist parents and guardians in assisting and monitoring their children through the difficult passage from childhood to adulthood, through the driving process.

    Behind the Wheel Objectives

    The student will be able to:
    1. Negotiate Intersections using signage and lighted controls.
    2. Properly operate a car in a residential area safely.
    3. Properly operate a car in a rural area safely.
    4. Properly operate a car in an urban area safely.
    5. Properly operate a car on a highway safely.
    6. Stop in a smooth controlled fashion at the appropriate place.
    7. Lane change in a smooth fashion using signals, mirrors and head checks.
    8. Back around a corner.
    9. Back out of a driveway.
    10. Locate and operate primary and secondary automobile controls.
    11. Merge onto and from an expressway using a ramp, signals and head check.
    12. Make turnabouts including 3-point turns, u-turns, intersection turnabout, and driveway turnabouts.
    13. Park uphill and downhill.
    14. Park using angle spaces.
    15. Park using perpendicular spaces.
      1. Pull into the space safely.
      2. Back out of the space safely.
    16. Make left and right turns using signals and lanes appropriate for the situation.
    17. Safely perform and execute off road recovery.
    18. Operate the car in inclement weather.
    19. Demonstrate proper use of the IPDE process.
    20. Demonstrate vehicular control under various terrains.
    21. Demonstrate use of hand-over-hand steering.
    22. Maintain an appropriate following distance.
    23. Use check points while driving on multi-lane highway.
    24. Identify and assess the meaning of gauges and warning lights.
    25. Safely fuel the vehicle.
    26. Recognize basic vehicle maintenance.
    27. Demonstrate use of the right of way rules in real life situations.